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Mobile on the Move.
Mobile’s expansive growth and diversification is a hot topic in well-respected economic development trade journals across the U.S. The area has been ranked one of the nation’s top growing metro areas and best places to live. Its wise and aggressive team approach to winning the largest nongovernment economic development project in U.S. history – ThyssenKrupp - has been recognized across the globe.

Find out what the experts are saying about the Mobile Area’s advantages and the Chamber’s economic development team by clicking on the links below.

April 2011
America's Cities of the Future 2011/12
fDi (Foreign Direct Investment)
In its first ever ranking of America’s Cities of the Future 2011/2012, fDi Magazine ranked Mobile in the No. 10 spot among small cities defined as those with a population of 100,000 to 250,000. Published by the Financial Times, fDi has a circulation of 15,000 corporate readers.

The research published in the magazine’s April issue weighed 60 criteria from economic potential to business friendliness, and highlights the economic, business and financial strengths of 400 cities in North and South America. 

April 2011
Ten Pro Business Beach Communities
Top Ten Comeback Kids
Southern Business & Development
Southern Business and Development recognized the Mobile area’s economic efforts several times in its Winter 2011 “Top 10” issue. Mobile Bay was listed among the Top 10 “Pro-Business” beach communities, because of its prime location, ready workforce and many other resources. Also, listed in the article was Baldwin County, Mobile’s regional partner located across the bay.
The magazine also ranked Mobile as a Top 10 “Comeback Kid” for the area’s job growth even after losing the U.S. Air Force tanker bid. The article credits jobs at ThyssenKrupp and Austal for elevating Alabama to the same “comeback” list. (April 2011)
January 2011
IHS Global Insight
IHS Global Insight projected employment will grow in Mobile by 2.07 percent a year between 2010 and 2016, ranking Mobile No. 73 among 392 urban areas examined by the economic forecasting firm. Mobile is projected to have the second fastest job growth among Alabama and Gulf Coast metro areas.

April 21, 2010
EADS to Make Solo Bid for U.S. Tanker Contract
Financial Times.com
Financial Times was one of dozens of media outlets announcing EADS North America would enter the $35 billion U.S. Air Force competition as the prime contractor. EADS, if successful, will build its refueling tankers to replenish the U.S. Air Force's aging fleet in Mobile.

April 13, 2010
Best Places for Business and Careers
Ranked among the 200 largest metropolitan statistical areas, Mobile landed at No. 62 in Forbes’ annual Best Places for Business and Careers list. Both projected economic growth and projected job growth categories earned the No. 5 rank. In the cost of doing business category, Mobile ranked No. 35.

March, 2010
Alabama's Small Cities are
Poised for Recovery
The Economist
ThyssenKrupp earned the lead paragraph in a story published in the March 13-17 issue of The Economist, a weekly international news and business publication with a circulation of more than 1 million. The feature on Alabama's economy also highlighted Mobile's No. 12 ranking by Moody's Economy.com for job growth.

March 18, 2010
Building Up America
In its Building Up America series, CNN featured Mobile, Ala., Horizon Shipbuilding's effort to win international customers, and the state's international trade efforts.

November, 2009
Alabama Cities Get Top Ranking in Economic Report
Moody's Economy.com
Mobile is ranked near the top nationally in showing strong progress toward recovering from the nationwide recession, according to a November 2009 report from Moody's Economy.com. In the category of expected employment growth, Mobile ranked fourth out of 387 metro areas across the United States.

November, 2009
America's 25 Next Recovering Job Markets
As economists are declaring an end to the recession, BusinessWeek teamed up with Moody's Economy.com to identify top performing metro areas for first quarter job growth in 2010. Mobile ranked No. 13 out of 25.


November 19, 2009
Mobile, Ala., Forecast at No. 13 for Job Growth Next Spring
Mobile's Press-Register covered the same Moody's Economy.com report and included information of a second study that predicted the upswing in job growth would begin in the second quarter of 2010.

October 28, 2009
Alabama Pension Fund Plows Millions Into Property in Its Own Backyard
The New York Times
An article in The New York Times highlighted investments made in downtown Mobile by David Bronner, chief executive of the Retirement Systems of Alabama. The article starts out with Mobile's ability to prove it was worthy of Bronner's plans -- and when the citizens voted yes for the education referendum in 2003, it was the proof he needed. Now six years later, Mobile has a renovated Battle House Hotel and RSA's Battle House Tower, one of the tallest office towers along the Gulf Coast, a new cruise port, and plans for the AmSouth landmark office building.

September 2009
Offshore Alabama Brings Collaboration of Alabama's Oil & Gas Industry Leaders
Alabama Seaport
Alabama Seaport magazine explored the recently formed Offshore Alabama initiative and the Oil & Gas Task Force, led by the Mobile Area Chamber. The entity, made up of 27 companies, formed in August 2008. Current chairman, Paul Dieffenthaller, head of ExxonMobil's operations, said, "This group has enabled us for the first time to collectively define the strengths that position Mobile to favorable compete with other communities along the Gulf Coast in this business sector."

June, 2009
10 Best Cities for Recession Recovery
Last summer, Forbes.com listed Mobile as one of the 10 Best Cities for Recession Recovery for medium-sized cities. Forbes used projected gross domestic product data from Moody's Economy.com, an independent provider of economic analysis, unemployment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Association of Home Builders' home prices, incomes and affordability statistics.

April/May 2009
North American Small Cities
of the Future
fDi named Mobile among its Top 5 Best Cost Effectiveness for Small Cities. The magazine is published by London-based Financial Times. Magazine editors believe the year’s winners embody what it takes to compete in an intense competition for foreign direct investment projects.

April, 2009
Best Mid-Sized Cities for Jobs

Mobile came in at No. 10 on Forbes.com Top 10 Best Mid-Sized Cities for Jobs, citing job growth in the city’s natural resources, mining, construction and transportation sectors.

July 30, 2009
Let’s Have a Party
The Economist
The July 30 edition of The Economist features Mobile’s optimism about its economic future. The article cites the area’s recent successes as the foundation for its “sunny outlook despite the current economic woe,” specifically naming Austal’s growth, activity at ThyssenKrupp and the port’s container terminal. The author also mentions recent accolades by Moody's Economy.com and Forbes.com, as well as the city’s position to reconnect with Cuba.

May 7, 2009
Alabama on Cuba
Los Angeles Times
A May article, Alabama on Cuba: Tear down this embargo, in the LA Times featured Jimmy Lyons with the Alabama Port Authority and the impact reviving a trading policy with Cuba would have on Alabama.

May 3, 2009
Gulf Coast Ports Show Strength
GlobeSt.com, a real estate online publication, featured the Port of Mobile and Alabama Port Authority, quoting Director Jimmy Lyons. Lyons told reporter Amy Wolff Sorter, while activity is down, he believes it is temporary and there are positive signs. “We’ve seen increases in the container side, and that’s spurred other activity.”

May 2009
Meetings & Conventions
The May issue of Meetings and Conventions featured Mobile’s convention center renovations, the upgraded cruise ship coming this fall, the infamous Robert Trent Golf Trail and the Battle House Spa.

March 2009
Many Smaller Cities Dodge Crunch in Consumer Lending
The Wall Street Journal/Business
A story in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday, March 31, listed Mobile, Ala., as one of 10 metropolitan areas where consumer loan balances grew the most in the fourth quarter. According to the article, Many Smaller Cities Dodge Crunch in Consumer Lending, consumer-lending activity is a key to riding out the recession compared to larger metro areas and rural areas.

March 19, 2009
Mobile, Baldwin Counties Among State's Fastest-Growing
A story in Mobile's Press-Register reported Baldwin and Mobile counties were among the 10 fastest-growing counties in Alabama in 2009. The data was released by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Mobile's reputation for aviation is climbing. The city was recognized in a special Southern Business & Development Bonus Edition 101 Great Locations in the South for Aviation & Aerospace.
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce featured in the Site Selection Magazine
November 2008
Roll, Steel, Roll
Site Selection
Aggressively targeting the robust market for high-end steel, SSAB is mounting a $460-million expansion in Alabama. In the process, the Swedish company's first big U.S. move since its $7.7-billion IPSCO acquisition further broadens 'Bama's burgeoning concentration of steel-making operations.
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce featured in Business Alabama  Magazine
July 2008
How We Won The Big One
Business Alabama
Read a play-by-play recap of how Mobile won the largest nongovernment economic development project in U.S. history – ThyssenKrupp
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce featured in the Economists Magazine
July 2008
Foreign Investment -
Love me, love me not.
The Economist
Mobile serves as an example of American cities wooing foreign investment.

June/July 2008
Bay City Boom
Mobile's economy continues to expand, earning a number of significant economic development projects with team effort
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce featured in the Southern Business & Development Magazine
250 Best Places in the South to Locate Your Company - Mid Markets
Southern Business & Development
For its 15th anniversary Southern Business & Development created a series of best places list. Mobile earned the lucky No. 7 spot on the mid markets list.


Spring 2008
Job 100
Southern Business & Development
ThyssenKrupp ranked No. 2 on the Top 100 projects for jobs and earned Alabama first place in the Hot Market state summary, and Mobile named Top Mid Market of the Year.
Trade & Industry - Alabama's Coastal Gateway to Opportunity
March/April 2008
CiCi Awards: Corporate Investment Alabama's Coastal Gateway to Opportunity
Trade & Industry Development
CiCi stands for corporate investment and community impact. ThyssenKrupp leads the investment list with $3.7 billion. Plus the magazine features a look at Coastal Alabama and its new nickname – Aviation Triangle.

March 2008
Top Industries of 2007 - Sticker Shock?
Modular Logic - Mobile is just one outpost of a worldwide boom in shipbuilding and railcar manufacturing
Site Selection
ThyssenKrupp USA was named top project by capital investment and by the number of jobs created. This issue also features Austal's expansion.

March 2008
Water, water, Everywhere: Much to do in Mobile
Heartland Boating
A city on the water – Mobile is a historic tourism destination, and even boaters are making note of the area's economic development mega project – ThyssenKrupp.
Aviation Week - Northrop Grumman/EADS tanker win
March 2008
Unseated! Northrop Grumman/EADS Tanker Win has Boeing Defense Business Scrambling
Aviation Week
A look at the initial news that Northrop Grumman won the U.S. Air Force refueling tanker project. Since then, Boeing officially protested the award and the project is expected to be re-awarded by year end.

March 11, 2008
In Mobile, aerospace is just part of a bolder vision of global commerce
Mobile is courting (successfully) the aerospace industry - lately wooing Airbus' parent company, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co., which has promised to build commercial airplanes and military tankers in the Gulf Coast city. 

January 30, 2008
America's Fastest-Growing Metros
Australian shipbuilder Austal set up its U.S. operations in Mobile in 1999, and ever since, the metro area has bloomed as a manufacturing center.

US Industry Today
October 2007
Mobile Bay: 
On The Water; On The Move
US Industry Today
Many changes taking place in Mobile's economic landscape.
Business Facilities Magazine
June 2007
Steel Heart of Dixie
Business Facilities, The Location Advisors
Alabama’s economic incentives lead to one of the largest developments in state history - a German steel manufacturer’s $3.7 billion plant.
50 Hottest Cities
February 2007
America’s Hottest Cities
Expansion Management
Expansion Management named Mobile on its annual list of “America’s Hottest Cities,” coming in at No. 27.

Hot Cities For Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur.com listed Mobile first on its annual list of “Hot Cities For Entrepreneurs,” under the mid-sized cities category.
CPN Magazine
April 2007
Regional Roundup –
Mobile Moves On Up
Commercial Property News
Commercial Property News mentions Mobile’s changing downtown, including $282 million of planned development.

March 27 2007
US Ports Ready For A Cargo Surge
Financial Times
In an article by the Financial Times anticipating container traffic to double over the next 15 years, the author mentions the Port of Mobile’s new container terminal.
Xpansion Magazine
February 2007
Maritime On A Mission
Business Xpansion Journal
Business Xpansion Journal highlights how the Port of Mobile is responding to the evolving Alabama economy, and describes the nearly $400 million of upgrades at the Port of Mobile.

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